The Forum : The Issues

Hepatitis C is the cause of growing controversy in the politics of health care. Are you informed?

Congressional Testimony:
Hearing Before the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee March 5, 1998

1. Christopher Shays
Chairman, House Oversight Committee

2. Ed Towns

3. David M. Satcher
U.S. Surgeon General

4. John F. Mazzuchi
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

5. C. Everett Koop
Former Surgeon General

6. Donald M. Payne

7. Dr. Carroll M. Leevy
Director, Sammy Davis, Jr. Liver Institute

8. Dr. Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles
Immune Deficiency Foundations Medical Advisory Committee

9. Alan Brownstein
President and CEO of the American Liver Foundation

10. Ann Jesse
Director of the Hep C Connection

Policy Statements:
Official statements concerning the management of hepatitis C.

1. ALF Position Statement

2. ALF Research Strategy

3. NIH - Excerpts from "Management of Hepatitis C"