Protect Yourself

Protect yourself and others from Hepatitis C:

  • use caution and wear gloves when touching or cleaning up blood on personal items, tissues, tampons or other items;
  • clean up spilled blood with a strong disinfectant, and keep skin injuries bandaged;
  • don't share razors, toothbrushes, pierced earrings, or other personal items with anyone;
  • use condoms if you have multiple sexual partners, or when having sex with an infected person (some physicians believe that the risk of sexual transmission is low enough that this should be discretionary with a long-term partner).
  • don't share chewing gum or pre-chew food for a baby;
  • make certain any needles or other sharp implements for drugs, ear piercing, manicuring or tattooing are properly sterilized
  • remember that blood products are in many cases not tested for hepatitis C outside of the United States and Europe.

If you feel that you or another family member are at risk for being infected with hepatitis C or any other form of hepatitis, get tested! A simple blood test can put your mind at ease and protect the health of your family.