Health-Related Sites

There are tens of thousands of web sites addressing health issues. The following is a list of some of the larger health-related sites, which we hope can provide a starting point in your searches for health information.

American Liver Foundation * The site offers articles about the liver, including information on pregnancy, transplants, and clinical trials.

CDC National Center for Infectious Diseases * Information on emerging infectious diseases; in English, French, and Spanish.

Centers for Disease Control * The CDC conducts surveillance of all types of diseases; their site contains news, materials for teachers, etc...

Diseases of the Liver, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center * An alphabetized directory of information about liver diseases and conditions

Foley House Inc. * Australian support accomodations for those at risk of acquiring or transmitting bloodborne diseases.

The Garry Lab Web Pages-WWW Virology Servers * "Big Picture Book of Viruses," online virology courses; this site has won many awards.

Go Ask Alice! * Columbia University Health Services answers questions on all areas of health.

Everyday Health * Interactive programs between medical experts and patients.

MedSurf * Searchable, comprehensive health care guide to the internet.